【Nurukan Sato Shibuya Hikarie|Recommended Sake】Kachikoma


For who love to drink sake, but don’t know how to drink,

we start to recommend a sake and the best paring that we think.

I hope all you love our recommendation.

Here comes our first recommendation!

【Brand & Type】Kachikoma Jumai

【Brewery】Kiyoto Brewery in Toyama perfecture


【Rice polishing ratio】50%

【Recommended way to drink】

It is usually recommended drink when it is cold or cool,

but warming it up around 35 to 40 degree, called Nurukan, it smells and tastes better.


「A hand made sake」

In these days, it is quite rare to find a hand made sake.

so, a lot of people in Kanto area called it as a “DREAM” of a sake.


【Recommended pairings with this sake】

bacon wrapped vegetable skewers